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Best price...best comfort...VW Polo - Kusadasi

Cabin design; the controls are intuitive and precisely where you want them to be. It's also very comfortable, albeit with a slight perched driving position. The long doors make getting into the back much easier, though their length can prove problematic in car parks where space is at a premium. Engine noise certainly isn't intrusive at motorway speeds. Being relatively high geared, it isn't especially quick, 0-62mph taking 13 seconds but it doesn't feel particularly slow from behind the wheel (there are petrol versions that are less energetic). Best of all, though, is the payoff of up to 80mpg and an environmentally (and road tax) friendly 91g/km co2 emissions. And thus is more than mere marketing stuff. Drive the VW like a saint and you can eek out more than 700 miles from a tank of diesel. When thrashed enthusiastically you'll still be left floored by how little fuel it uses. It's also beautifully made, has a surprisingly supple ride quality and a nimble chassis. Is it too good to be true? Put it this way, the Polo BlueMotion is like having your cake and eating it, only to discover that it's non-fattening. It's that good.

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